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Darren Shutt

I grew near Mt. Rainier and have always loved everything about climbing, especially the people I'm with out there! My experience spans many years but I'm still just as excited to climb as ever, and share that experience with others. When I'm not with MAA or climbing I'm at home with my family (or climbing with the kids!). I love the Creator, meeting new people, learning and exploring.

  • MAA Founder and President 
  • PCIA Certified Rock Guide
  • Climbing Mentor 
  • Ice climbing, 15 years
  • Snow Climbing, 20 years
  • Rock Climbing, 20 years
  • High Altitude and Expeditions, 10 years
  • Event Leader, 9 years

Todd Martin

I have always loved outdoor sports and especially those involving mountains. It's my happy place and where I feel closest to God. These days I find myself most often climbing rock, snow & ice, enjoying the company of like-minded people, and helping others develop the skills they need to safely play in the mountains with all of us. Outside of MAA I enjoy hanging with family & friends and helping those less-fortunate within the local and global community.
  • MAA Vice President
  • PCIA Certified Rock Guide
  • Climbing Mentor
  • Event Leader, 1 year
  • Rock Climbing, 6 years
  • Ice Climbing, 2 years
  • High Altitude and Expeditions, 5 years

Paul Shaughnessy

  • PCIA Certified Rock Guide
  • Climbing Mentor
  • Event Leader, 1 year
  • Ice Climbing
  • Traditional Rock Climbing
  • High Altitude and Expeditions

Kelvin Nguyen

I've been with MAA for the past 8 years. My interests include rock climbing, ice climbing, trail running and mountain climbing. Memorable trips include Alpamayo, Mont Blanc, Mt. Stuart, Grand Teton, Mt. Rainier, Bozeman, Ouray and Canadian Rockies. When I am not in the mountains, I enjoy drawing and painting. 

  • AMGA Certified Rock Guide
  • Climbing Mentor
  • Event Leader, 4 years
  • Ice Climbing
  • Traditional Rock Climbing
  • High Altitude and Expeditions

Nicole Roemer

I have always been drawn to the mountains. My love of climbing started in my teens exploring in the Sierra. I enjoy sharing my passion with others, learning, growing, and being humbled in the mountain environment. When I’m not climbing, I enjoy being a mom and spending time with my favorite adventure buddy, my daughter. 

  • Event Leader
  • Rock Climbing - 5 years

Sean Martin

I'm a California transplant living and working in Reno since 2013. I love peak bagging, glacier travel, ice and snow — if it's a cold, dormant volcano I'm all about it. When I'm not climbing I'm thinking about climbing, and also working as a graphic designer. My goal is to climb every major cascade mountain and also hit a few of the 7 summits across the globe, which lines up perfectly with the opportunities MAA and the EL program offers!

  • Event Leader, 1 year
  • Board Member
  • Media Committee
  • Snow Climbing
  • Expeditions

Fletcher Payne

  • Event Leader, 3 years
  • Skiing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Ice Climbing

Scott Angus

  • Board Member
  • Media Committee Coordinator
  • Mountaineering

Colleen Schemrich

Climbing is one of my favorite ways to spend time outdoors.  I enjoy all types of climbing.  When I am not climbing, I am working with horses, caring for goats, and enjoying time with my son.   Being an EL combines my love for teaching, climbing, and being outdoors, plus it pushes me to find and explore new places that I can take groups to climb.

  • Event Leader, 3 years
  • Rock Climbing

Mihai Giurgiulescu

I’ve somehow managed to combine growing up in another part of the world and getting educated in the US into a passion for challenging myself in the mountains, not conquering them. It is the desire to experience new heights in as many different locations as possible that drives me to climb in the Cascades, Rockies and myriad other ranges, with the Sierra Nevada always as my favorite. I am particularly drawn to glaciated volcanoes, backcountry sentinels with challenging scrambles, and lonely desert peaks, all of which require the delicate balance of self-sufficiency and team effort. Climbing seems to suck up all my free time, but in between endlessly planned trips I find joy in literature, languages and cultural exchanges, especially those of the culinary kind.

  • Event Leader, 5 years
  • Mountaineering, 6 years

  • Expeditions, 5 years

  • Peakbagging, 9 years

  • Snow Climbing, 6 years

Richard Nguyen

I am a man of many hobbies, which includes backcountry snowboarding/split-boarding, rock/ice/snow climbing in low altitudes and high altitudes, backpacking/peak bagging, scuba diving/free diving, mountain/road cycling, and recently canyoneering.  I lived in Mammoth Lakes for 4 years full time, which only fed my love for climbing and the outdoors.  There I honed in my ice climbing and rock climbing techniques having the Eastern Sierras as my backyard; I love multi-pitch rock/ice so that I get to a peak and enjoy the views all around.  When I'm not climbing, besides working, you can find me doing my many other hobbies (cycling/mtn biking, scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, etc.), but I'm also a geek at heart and there are activities for that. LOL.  I joined MAA, previously known as Sierra Mountaineering Club, as a member and I've learned so much from this organization that I wanted to give back to this community by becoming an Event Leader.  So allow me to share you what I've learned from MAA and my own experiences.

Event Leader, 2 years

Rock Climbing

Ice Climbing


Stephen Moeller

I am from California but my heart belongs in the Northwest. I spend my winters patrolling in Tahoe, and summers raft guiding in Montana, and climbing in the Northwest. I enjoy general Mountaineering, and multi-pitch, alpine rock climbing. I am working towards climbing all of the major 14'er in California, as well as work toward becoming a PCIA certified instructor, to provide trainings for those interested in and passionate about climbing. 

  • Event Leader, 1 year
  • Rock Climbing
  • Mountaineering

Sadie Skiles

I'm from Alaska and I grew up playing in the woods and snowy mountains. I'm definitely a child of winter but after going to college in Ft. Collins, CO, and escaping to the mountains to play in the powder, I seem to have found myself preferring to live where it's warm and play where it's cold. 

My favorite way to experience the mountains is climbing remote, long, moderate, trad alpine routes. And if I can be even more specific, pointy exposed granite ridge lines are my jam. Or perfect hand cracks (but who doesn't love those?).

When I am not climbing I am teaching. I teach high school Biology and Computer Science at an urban public school. It's the best job in the world.

I love getting outside and challenging myself, it defines and motivates me. I also really enjoy teaching. So, I'm most excited about being an EL because it gives me an opportunity to do both!

Event Leader, 1 year

Rock Climbing, 3 years

5209 Luce Ave. Suite A

McClellan, CA 95652

(916) 692-0005

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